Key Account Management

Key Account Management is the supreme discipline of commercialization. It has to meet the extensive customer requirements. However, competitors also strive for profits from that specific client. The chance lies within outperforming all the other suppliers. That is how you secure the biggest part of the existing potential, meanwhile strengthening your competitive fitness and benefitting the whole company. Most importantly, Key Accounts should be selected carefully, understood fully and they should make you more successful. This portrays an extensive topic in our trainings and is tailored to match your needs.



KAM Deep Dive


This program consists of six modules. They cover essential principles, methods, analytical, strategic and operative Key Account Management (KAM). Leadership and organization are further subjects. Within the last module a certificate of the efkam ®, the European Foundation for Key Account Management is handed out. 


This extensive course is conceptualized for people with responsibilities for existing Key Accounts. Here they can compare their approach to the newest best practices or prepare for more accountability. Due to the topics’ width and depth further professional potential is created.